Privacy notice

Jun 11 2023 does not show nor store any data about its readers possible to link to individuals. No Web analytics data is shared with third parties.

The site does not use so-called cookies and its locally installed reader-statistics software anonymizes registered and presented data. This is the way meets the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Matomo is a locally installed analytics platform that helps the site author understand some about the ones reading the site. Matomo is open source software with a transparent GPL license. It registers what pages are read, and for how long. Matomo also makes it possible to get an aproximate figure of where readers come from, what Web browsers are used, what browser plugins, readers’ screen resolution and operating system.

Reader-data is anonymized

The choice of Matomo for reading statistics has been about being able to satisfy the curiosity of the site author while protecting readers’ privacy. Matomo is here set so that the author can not see the last two groups of numbers in the reader’s IP number: the last two bytes of the IP address are anonymized. An IP number that usually appears as here appears as This and the fact that cookies are not used makes reading statistics less accurate, but sufficient for their purpose. has up to May 17, 2018 used cookies. Previously set cookies lasted for 13 months, and thus has expired. Readers data from the time with cookies have also been anonymized in the same way as is now done when reading the site. Further back, used the world’s largest reading statistics service. That statistics was deleted in June, 2018.

If readers have set up their browser to send a so-called do-not-track request to websites, and Matomo respect this, even if readers remain anonymous at the site without this setting.

Safety thinking

The author seeks to ensure the highest possible security for both in its entirety and for the installation of Matomo, so that no unauthorized access to Matomos anonymized information is possible. For this reason, uses security software, and both the WordPress installation and Matomo also encrypt with SSL.

The Swedish version: Policy för personlig integritet